The New York Jazz Workshop is a community-based jazz music school for students of all ages. The school was created in 2008 by tenor saxophonist and educator, Marc Mommaas, and jazz aficionado and entrepreneur, Marco Chelo. “Marc and Marco realized that outside of major universities and conservatories, there were very few opportunities for music lovers to learn with world class instructors, play in a group setting, and enjoy the feeling of being part of a jazz community; The New York Jazz Workshop creates that connection.”

The New York Jazz Workshop’s mission is to create opportunities for musicians of diverse backgrounds and abilities, building a space to learn and play jazz and related forms of modern music under the guidance of a world-class faculty. Most of our faculty members are world-renowned musicians associated with major conservatories and universities such as NYU, New School, Columbia University, Manhattan School Of Music, and Julliard.

Our offering currently includes:

Weekly Workshops:
We’ve got something for everyone: big band, theory and improvisation, bebop, hard bop, jazz standards, woodwind ensembles, vocal classes, choir, mixed meter, blues, and much more.

Trimester Courses:
Contrary to the ongoing weekly workshop, the trimester courses have a beginning and an end. Taught by top professionals, these courses will provide you with the skills to become a well-rounded musician.

Private Lessons:
We offer options for students of all ages and skill levels, and our roster includes teachers for all instruments and voice as well as other major jazz disciplines (theory, improvisation, composition, arranging, and rhythm).

Master Classes:
Our free (yes, free!) master classes with major artists have included Twelve Tone in Jazz with John O’Gallagher, Rhythm for Non-Drummers with Tony Moreno, Essential Jazz Listening with Ron Horton, and World Rhythms with Miles Okazaki. Next up will be pianist Armen Donelian presenting his new book, Piano Master Class.

Summer Intensives:
Our Summer Series helps musicians of all ages and skill levels gain unmatched jazz knowledge and develop professional techniques. Intensives include a guitar clinic with Vic Juris and Kenny Wessel; a rhythm intensive with Tony Moreno and John O’Gallagher; an improvisation workshop with Marc Mommaas and Tim Horner; a vocal workshop for intermediate/advanced vocalists with Fay Victor, and a vocal workshop for beginners with Olivia Foschi.

Outreach Programs:
The new York Jazz Workshop collaborates with universities, corporations, and other organizations to promote jazz and all forms of improvised music.
This collaboration takes the form of Multi-topic Programs

Online Learning:
The New York Jazz Workshop is rapidly expanding his online services with a wide offering of Skype lessons and online courses.

Through NYJW’s team building workshops, everyone will get the opportunity to experience the power of music, solidifying a sense of community while connecting with their own creativity and talents. Participants will be actively engaged in a musical setting and get exposed to a variety of communication and risk-taking principles. They will learn what it takes to set up the stage for creativity and innovation as well as how to incorporate these methods into a product within a deadline.

Hire a band:
Another thing the New York Jazz Workshop does very well is providing bands for all types of events. From duos to large ensembles, we work with musicians of all stripes and colors, the best of the best. We currently book bands for General Electric, the Lexington Hotel, and the Roosevelt Hotel, among others.

Blog and Podcasts:
The New York Jazz Workshop manages a rich and ever-expanding blog about jazz music, which includes numerous podcasts and interviews with the who’s who of jazz music from Pat Metheny to the curator of the Miles Davis Estate.

Going Forward:
During the next five years, we see the company developing into a fully-fledged center for jazz music, hosting a variety of activities every day of the week. In addition to the existing programs, these activities will include children’s programs, room rentals for rehearsals, evening concerts, remote learning, and an online music store and publishing house.

While there are other organizations providing music education opportunities in the New York City area, we are the only non-university that provides this unique breadth and combination of services to our members:

• Wide range of membership levels, covering various needs and income brackets
• Faculty of master artists actively involved in the development of the curriculum
• Ability to learn an instrument while playing with others in an ensemble setting
• Opportunity to periodically perform in jazz clubs
• Master-classes
• Jam sessions
• Tightly-knit and supportive community
• Periodic newsletters about what’s going on in the jazz scene
• Taping and recording of student performances
• A school blog
• Specially prepared instructional material