Curriculum – What will I learn!


Repertoire– Within your performing ensembles, which meet 2 times each day, you will explore Jazz Standard repertoire led by a professional. These rehearsals will culminate in final performance, showcasing the work you’ve put in! Be prepared to read music, improvise, and have fun!

Ear Training- We will focus on a fundamental level of beginning to recognize intervals, beginning with 2 notes and hopefully extended to 4 note basic chord voicings. There will also be basic melody recognition and along with this, proper music notation will be observed.

Theory (Basic and Intermediate/Advanced)- Our theory courses throughout the week will be geared towards the level of the class, with a focus in Jazz theory and harmony, rhythm and melody, as well as fundamentals to approaching improvisation. These will vary in difficulty level!

Rhythm and Time- This interactive course will involve recognizing basic jazz, latin, and other musical rhythms. Proper music notation will be observed in this course, along with interactive, hands on learning. Be prepared to clap, dance, and swing!

Listening Lab Listening is a crucial aspect to overall musicianship. Listening Lab is created for close listening and comparison of various periods of Jazz music, as well as classical, Latin, and pop for comparison.

Ensemble Class- See repertoire: Ensembles will meet twice a day, led by one of our faculty members and focused on a final performance on Friday afternoon. Students will learn how to play jazz standards and improvise with one another during this period. We believe that playing and performing is the best way to understand and learn how to improvise and play with others!

Masterclass- Two times a week we will have a special guest artist come in and teach a masterclass of a topic related to our weekly workshops. This could be about a specific style of jazz, an instrument specific class, time and feel, etc.