HYBRID Teen Jazz Summer Day Camp

‘One group a week with a maximum of 8 students’

Jazz improvisation is the ultimate form of interactive musical expression. It involves listening to the other band members and making a contribution in the context of what the group is doing. Perform and learn about jazz in an environment that is friendly, informative, and FUN! Here’s what to expect:

  • Repertoire: Learn how to play standard jazz tunes.
  • Theory: Gain a harmonic and melodic understanding of chords, scales and key centers.
  • Ear training: Learn how to hear chord types and melodic patterns by ear and notate them on the music staff.
  • Improvisation: Create melodies in the moment by applying theory and ear training.
  • Ensemble: Play and improvise over select jazz standard tunes.
  • FUN: Above all music is fun. The students will learn in a positive and exciting environment while being exposed to a musical language by experienced, excitable and seasoned educators.


Ages: 12- 16 years old

Days: Monday through Thursday

Time: 11am to 3:30pm / optional 4-5pm Private Lesson

Rate: $425

Weeks in Summer 2021:
July 12 – 15
July 19 – 22
Aug 2 – 5
Aug 16 – 19

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Registration/Inquiry: The registration is quick and non-committal through an online form: register

After the payment is received the spot will be reserved.

FAQ and Full Camp Description can be found here.